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Men's Treatments

CACI Gentleman’s Facial – £65


The Gentleman’s Facial deeply cleanses and refreshes your complexion whilst removing dull, dead cells and boosting cell regeneration. The Gentleman’s Facial targets razor bumps, in-growing hairs and skin impurities, the treatment concludes with a non-invasive procedure to tighten and firm facial muscles resulting in a youthful, well-defined chiseled jaw line.

A course of 10 treatments - £585 - 2-3 a week

Deep Tissue Massage 
This deep tissue massage reduces tension in the body whilst increasing circulation. The skin is also nourished and hydrated.

Back - £35.50

Full Body - £55.50                                                            

Full Body (Inc. face & scalp) - £75

Nail Treatments

Executive Manicure - £19.50

Executive Pedicure - £25.50


Chest Wax - £23.50

Back Wax - £23.50

Chest & Back Wax - £33.50

Man on Bicycle

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